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The Jod Sole Therme is a wellness center located in the Kurgesellschaft Bevensen GmbH in Bad Bevensen. It spans an area of 12,000 square meters and offers a variety of facilities and services for relaxation and well-being. The center includes a spacious sauna landscape, a Spa & Vital Center for wellness treatments, and relaxation rooms for progressive relaxation and autogenic training. Visitors can participate in sauna bathing after registering at the cash desk. The center also hosts events, such as the radio show “Philipps Playlist,” which features music for relaxation and piano performances. The professional therapists at the Spa & Vital Center offer massages and treatments for a truly pampering experience. The center also provides voucher services and bonus cards for special offers and discounts. With 1000 square meters of sauna landscape, 1000 square meters of spa & wellness area, and 1200 square meters of sole water, the Jod Sole Therme caters to the needs of its 250,000 guests. The facility boasts outdoor pools, vital and health pools, aquasports activities, wellness and massage services, sauna worlds, a bistro, relaxation rooms, and THERMEplus. For inquiries and directions, visitors can contact the Kurgesellschaft Bevensen GmbH at the given phone number and address.


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