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Montecatini Terme is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its thermal baths and natural wellness. The town is home to magnificent Liberty and Neo-Gothic palaces that surround the beautiful and captivating Thermal Park, considered the most beautiful in Europe. With 700 years of history, Montecatini Terme offers a timeless location for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The town is famous for its four thermal waters: Leopoldina, Tettuccio, Regina, and Rinfresco. These waters originate from a depth of 60-80 meters and are rich in mineral salts and precious elements, making them pure and ready to be consumed.

Montecatini Terme offers a wide range of natural therapies that cater to the desire for well-being and fitness. Visitors can enjoy these therapies in the heart of Tuscany, between Florence and Versilia.

The town has also gained recognition for its collaborations, including the use of its thermal waters and muds by Madonna.

For more information, visitors can contact Terme di Montecatini SPA, located at Viale Verdi, 4151016 – Montecatini Terme PT. The contact details are as follows: infoline:+39.0572.7781,

The website provides quick access to various services, including information on opening hours, swimming pool schedules, and price lists. It also offers information on thermal treatments, wellness, cosmetic products, and shopping options. Visitors can explore the town’s territory, attend meetings and events, and take advantage of bonus offers.

The website also provides links to certifications, expressions of interest, press reviews, job opportunities, and transparent company information.

In addition, the website provides information on COVID-19 testing and a post-COVID rehabilitation program at the Terme di Montecatini.

Overall, Montecatini Terme offers a unique and rejuvenating experience with its thermal baths, natural therapies, and beautiful surroundings.


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