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Just 45km from Lisbon, Termas do Vimeiro is located halfway between the village of Maceira and Praia de Porto Novo, in the municipality of Torres Vedras. This excellent geographical location, served by a good communications network, facilitates quick access to all who seek them.
The Alcabrichel River passes by the thermal building, where already in 1845 some descriptions mentioned the existence of 2 baths next to the water emergencies, Fonte dos Frades and Fonte de Santa Isabel, on one and the other bank of the river.
Surrounded by leafy trees, the surrounding landscapes are a mix between the Natural Escarpments of Maceira, with rocks that delimit the river valley, and the vegetation typical of the area.
The History
The special character of Vimeiro, derived from the therapeutic qualities of its waters, was already known in Roman times. A natural gift that puts this region in the spotlight on the map of Portugal.
What secrets do these waters reveal? The generosity of essential mineral salts, trace elements and a neutral to slightly alkaline pH in the waters that flow from Fonte Santa Isabel. All perfect features to ensure the balance and well-being of the human body. And the abundance is reflected in the 4100mg/L of essential minerals in the waters that spring from Fonte dos Frades, for the treatment of various pathologies.
In the 18th century, the thermal springs were partially integrated into the heritage of the Monastery of Penafirme, and their holy waters were already used for medicinal baths. A set of improvements in the “Masseira bath” was recognized by the locals.
In this western area of ​​the municipality of Torres Vedras, where the peaceful spas are located, the most varied historical events took place. Remember, for example, In 1810, the important battle fought between the Anglo-Portuguese forces and the French army during the period of the Napoleonic invasions, at the beginning of the 19th century:
“ two leagues to the north of the Villa de Torres Vedras on two banks of the river that flows next to Lugar do Vimeiro, celebrate today for the victory won there by the French on August 21, 1808, by the Portuguese and English Arms, and the place of Maceira nearby are the baths called holy water (…) ”. 
In the second half of the 19th century, after conservation and improvement works had taken place, as well as common leases of tanks for therapeutic uses, there was a need to prove in the scientific field the veracity of the quality and therapeutic virtues of this water.
In 1845, some descriptions noted the existence of two baths next to water emergencies, on one and the other bank of the Alcabrichel River. The first official analysis dates from 1867, carried out first by Agostinho Vicente Lourenço and then by Charles Lepierre.
The legal exploitation dates from 1896, at the time under concession, for an unlimited time, to the then owner, José Pedro Cardoso. It is in 1920 that the heirs of the first concessionaire, requested a transmission license on behalf of Empresa das Águas do Vimeiro, Lda. In January 1921, a charter was published that classifies the waters as being sodium chlorinated.
After the gradual increase in population, which seasonally sought the Termas do Vimeiro, there was a need to expand the land close to the beaches of Porto Novo and Santa Rita. The works took place between 1952 and 1953, with other expansion constructions being carried out between 1965 and 1967.


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