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In a transition area between the natural regions of Planalto Beirão and Alto Douro, Termas de Longroiva is located in the parish that gives it its name, in the municipality of Mêda, district of Guarda.

As in many other renowned thermal units in the country, it is estimated that these thermal waters were already known in prehistoric times. The archaeological work carried out in medicinal aquifers has allowed us to find traces of its use by prehistoric people. The fact that the population of this region has been since the Paleolithic makes us believe that this resource has not gone unnoticed over the years. The same may have happened with the Romans, who occupied the neighbouring territory of the Castro de Longobriga for hundreds of years and systematically surveyed there to identify the mining and medicinal water deposits.

Officially, the first reference appears, however, in “Aquilégio Medicinal”, an emblematic work by Dr. Francisco da Fonseca Henriques, physician Del’Rei D. João V, and written in 1726. At the time, he was already talking about its remarkable curative effects. The baths were linked to the cult of Senhora do Torrão, the patroness of Longroiva, whose feast, on the 8th of September, was paid for by the use of baths, which were paid for by outsiders and always free for the residents of Longroiva. The first structures were straightforward and elementary – two tanks, one for men and the other for women, protected by a kind of hut, with a thatched roof – until, at the end of the 19th century. XIX, the Chamber built the thermal building.

In 2001, Termas de Longroiva began a new chapter in its history after some expansion and remodelling work. A decade later, and more than two hundred years after the construction of the first spa, the complex is rejuvenated again, combining modernity with the thermal tradition. The therapeutic virtues of its natural mineral waters are associated with treating musculoskeletal, rheumatic and respiratory problems.


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