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About Hellulaug

Hellulaug is a geothermal pool located just off the highway, close to the beach in Vatnsfjörður. The pool is 60 cm deep and has a temperature of 38°/100.4 F. It offers a lovely place to relax and enjoy the view over the fjord. The pool cannot be seen from the road, but there is a parking lot next to the path that leads to Hellulaug.

Flókalundur is a small family-run hotel in Vatnsfjörður, on the south coast of the Westfjords. The hotel was built in 1966 and is named after Hrafna-Flóki or Raven-Floki, who took land in Vatnsfjörður fjord after a long navigation from Norway.

Vatnsfjörður nature reserve is a 20,000 ha area, with 80% of it being rocky and barren. The lowlands are mostly covered with birchwood. The reserve offers beautiful landscapes and opportunities for exploration.

Þingmannaá Waterfall is a charming waterfall located in the canyons of Þingmannaá river, which runs from Þingmannadalur valley down to Vatnsfjörður fjord. It is a great spot for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

The Ferry Baldur provides transportation for cars and offers various tours, including the Unique Adventure tour, Gourmet Tours for groups, and private tours. It is recommended to book space for cars on the ferry in advance.

Other attractions in the Westfjords region include museums, exhibitions, cultural and heritage sites, bird watching, hiking, biking, skiing, horse activities, seal watching, and family-friendly activities. There are also various tour providers offering boat tours, kayak tours, ATV and buggy tours, whale watching tours, jeep and glacier tours, and Northern Lights tours.

Accommodation options in the Westfjords include hotels, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, cottages, and camping sites. There are also restaurants, pubs, and cafes offering local food and culinary experiences.

For travel information, there are car rentals, ferry services, domestic flights, public transportation, and bicycle rentals available. Information on Icelandic water, Covid-19, currency, road conditions, how to get to the Westfjords, what to pack, and getting around the region can be found.


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